Hair/Makeup Portfolio Shoot

Hello everyone. So I figured I would show you guys what I was up to this weekend. I did a portfolio shoot with my bestie and beauty partner Kryssie.

So much went into this shoot, this was our first portfolio shoot in over a year and my first time getting back into the groove of things lol. We advertised, cast the models, picked the themes, picked the photographers, set everything up, etc.

It’s so much work that goes into a photoshoot that no one thinks of. Behind the scenes people usually are the ones that get everything together and set everything in motion. We had no other help other than the photographers that took the pictures. We set up everything ourselves.

Behind the scenes


The hairstylist and makeup artist usually are standing the entire time. We were standing for 9 hours yesterday and it was crazy lol. But we had so much fun.

I will have pictures of the ladies and the photographers information in my next post. The photos are being edited right now. :0)

Hope you all are having a great weekend.

Always Remember Your Beautiful!


Neon Nails

Hello Dolls,

So to kick start my new site name and all I figured why not start off with something that I love…. Nails :0)

The color of the yellow polish is actually a really pretty color both in the bottle and on the nail. If its painted nice and neat with a white polish underneath to bring out the neon color.

The pink which actually comes off orange in the picture I don’t know why. But it’s a neon pink color and is really pretty for the Summer.

Rosy Nail Polish in Playmate and KS Nail Polish in Neon Pink


The KS brand polish I have used before and I like the colors I have tried. The Rosy polish I’ve never tried but I also feel like I wasn’t feeling this polish as much because of the crappy job I feel the nail tech did on my nails. She painted the white polish on streaky which showed through the yellow and didn’t wait for the polish to dry well enough before painting a clear coat which left slight pink streaks on the yellow nails.

While I would suggest trying the colors out for yourself I would say be very careful and make sure you let the polish dry before painting a clear coat over it. Needless to say I wasn’t impressed by the mannerisms or polish job from the salon so I will not be returning. Well, that’s all for now dolls.

Always Remember Your Beautiful!