DIY Distressed Maternity Shorts


Hello loves, here’s how I got these shorts out of my maternity jeans. Even us preggos wanna look cute for summer lol. So just because we can’t button up the highwasted shorts we wore last year doesn’t mean we have to wait until after baby. Here are the steps I took to go from these:



To these:


Things you will need:

Maternity jeans
Old toothbrush


Let’s get started.

Now you want to put your jeans on and mark about 1 to 2 inches longer than you actually want them to be. Leaves room for error and distressing. Once you get your markings right then you take your jeans off and get them laid flat on a smooth hard surface or floor whichever you choose. Cut a small slit on the side of the pants and then cut just the top layer of jean off first, then cut the bottom half of the pant leg in a more oval shape but cut about an inch longer then you cut the top to give butt cheek room lol.


Once you get both sides cut then you will start pulling at the white strings that are hanging from the cut ends. For this you can use tweezers to make it easier to pull at the strings if that helps you.


I decided to add some extra slits and holes in my jeans for a more distressed worn out feel you don’t have to do this if you don’t want. But this is what it will look like once you get all your strings pulled as much as you want before bleaching. (Please note: My maternity jeans were a more stretchy fabric, for really distressed jean shorts use a more sturdy jean material.) Anyway this is how they will look once you pull all the strings:



Once you get all the distressing done, now it’s time for the bleach. Fill your bucket with a bit of bleach and then add some water to dilute it. Sit your shorts halfway or all the way in the bucket or bowl you will use just depending on how much of the shorts you want bleached. Leave for 45 minutes, take shorts and lay them out flat. Use your old toothbrush to scrub where the bleach line starts so that it gives the shorts a more ombre effect rather than just a harsh bleach line.


Once you have bleached and scrubbed your shorts to get them the way you want. Rinse them out and then wash and dry them. I wouldn’t recommend washing them with things you don’t want to get bleach on just in case you didn’t get to rinse it all out first by hand. Then once the shorts are washed and dried they should be ready to wear. I hope you enjoyed this quick little DIY and you can also watch my video on how to do this on my channel at if your more of a visual learner. I hope you loves are having a wonderful week.


Always Remember You’re Beautiful!








My Top 4 Sunglasses for Spring 2014


I’m totally obsessed with glasses. Which is crazy because when I was younger and needed to actually wear them I didn’t for fear of getting picked on, lol. Now I can’t get enough and my collection is growing. I have been loving these particular styles lately. Aviators have been a favorite of mine for years though. But here they are my top 5 favorite so far, you can get them from Retrocitysunglasses and Forever 21.

photo 4

photo 3
I’m so obsessed with these Big Drop Sunglasses from I’m sure I’ll be going back for more lol.

photo 5
Aviators are my absolute fave and I love them on most face shapes also. I really love these for the springy mirrored effect they have. These are also from Retrocitysunglasses and they have a red sunset mirror effect pair that I have my eyes on as well, lol.

photo 1

photo 2

These last 2 pairs are from Forever 21. I also have a floral pair that are the same frame shape as these 2 but I broke them (cry face emoji). I didn’t think I would like the shape of these glasses on my face but I actually like them a lot. They have so many prints and colors to choose from and they are so affordable every time I go in there I have to stock up lol.


So there is my top 4 choices for my favorite sunglasses of Spring 2014. Check these places out for great choices and affordable glasses. I don’t like wasting my money on expensive glasses for the simple fact they get lost, broken, etc so I love these options that I can interchange so easily. Β I hope you loves have an awesome Monday and I will be back on Wednesday with a DIY, YAY!!! Lol


Always Remember You’re Beautiful!