Farmhouse Inspired Living Room Makeover

Good Morning babes! So I finally got all the decor and furniture put together in the living room so today’s post is all the details of our living room redo. I’ve wanted to redo our living room for so long now and even though we’re about to begin the home buying process we have about 6-8 months until everything is done and I just couldn’t keep looking at our terrible couches for that long and I certainly wasn’t moving them into our new house, lol. Our old couches have been with us for 5 years through kids, pets, moves, etc and it was definitely time for a change. I went with a sectional because I wanted one furniture piece that I could base the rest of our decor around. Our couch is from (add American Freight link). They have so many styles of couches to choose from. Sectionals, couch and loveseat sets, accent chairs, recliners. You name it and they have it. The couch we ended up choosing was the last one they had in stock so we grabbed it before it was gone. It came in just under $900 with the sale price and taxes. It was the perfect large size and I liked the color because it fit in with the farmhouse feel that I love.

Our recliner and coffee table are from Elite Wholesale Furniture. They sell brand new scratch and dent furniture from stores that have closed or had over stock. They were both in perfect condition and we got them together for $340. (Told you I love bargains and sales, lol). I love the fact that the coffee table has drawers so I can store remotes and seasonal decorations in there so they’re hidden when not in use. Our entertainment stand under the tv is the Kallax shelf unit from ikea ($109) and the baskets are as well ($12.99 ea.). We were going to get some doors to go on it too but ended up not needing them. We turned our old diy shelving unit into a bookcase. I love our little lamp from Ikea as well($80). It has a little table with a built in wireless charging pad and I just bought an extra one ($17.99) so we can both charge our phones wirelessly. It also has a usb plug in the back of it so someone who doesn’t have wireless charging can charge their phone or tablet as well. We chose not to get a lamp shade and just use the large dimming farmhouse style lightbulb from ikea ($12.99) and it just brings such nice lighting into the room at night.

My mirrored wooden tray that sits on top of the coffee table is from Ross ($10.99), the mini faux succulent plants are from Target dollar spot ($3 ea.) and the center beauty and the beast style plant is from ikea. My throw pillows except for the patterned ones are from At Home ($5-20 ea.and they had a buy 1 get one half off sale) and my oversized throws are all from Walmart. Our throw rug was $25 from At Home but was smaller than I meant to grab (it’s 3×5) but I will get a larger one later. My husband built our farmhouse style dining room table and I’m still so in love with it.

Over all I am just so in love with how cozy everything feels and looks now. I love how the different tones of brown bring out the colors in everything and pulls everything together so beautifully. If I missed anything or forgot to post anything that you have questions about please feel free to comment below and I will definitely give you a link to the item that you are asking about.




Kallax Shelving Unit: Ikea| Branäs rattan baskets(I got 1 of each color): Ikea | Sectional Options: American Freight / Wooden tray: Ross / Throw Pillows (except patterned pillows): At Home / Throw rug: At Home / Oversized Throw options: Walmart / Varv Floor Lamp with wireless charging: Ikea | Nordmärke Wireless Charger: Ikea

I hope you all are having a beautiful day and I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed redoing our living room. I love saving money and finding bargains, I also post hauls and home decor on my YouTube channel as well so please feel free to go and subscribe so you don’t miss any of those videos either. Thank you all so much for stopping by the blog today.

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Master Bedroom Makeover for under $1800

I’m so excited for this post. I have been wanting to get new bedroom furniture forever and we just kept putting it off. But I’m so glad we finally took the plunge and did it. Even though it was mainly me to my husband like “Ok, so this is happening like now, lol.” My bedroom is a bit more modern and bright than my livingroom which you will see in my livingroom revamp post soon because I love so many different styles I wanted to make every room something fun and different to walk into. 

What’s even better is we were able to revamp our room for under $1800. I know to some that may seem like a lot as well but before we started I spent 2 weeks putting together a vision board, looking at other room ideas, choosing furniture, etc. what I learned was just finding furniture that’s pretty, functional and still inexpensive can be done. Because any sort of home decor redo can definitely put your budget high if you aren’t shopper savvy. Just by having my husband powdercoat our dresser and nightstand handles instead of just buying new ones saved us about $40. I also saved money by keeping my floor mirror and office furniture I already had. I shopped around, went to sales, used coupons, etc. whatever you need to do to get your room how you want it for the least expensive is really the main goal. 

I went with a white base (furniture) and then added in some mustard yellow, grey, gold, silver and navy blue. So it has a feminine touch but still some masculinity to it. Don’t want the hubs to feel left out in his own bedroom, lol. The ikea dressers we went with are a new design at ikea and they came just in time for our revamp. The original handle were black but we powdercoated them silver to match the lamps. (A little ikea hack for you, lol) I shopped at At home, Target, Ikea and American Freight. We haven’t added any pictures yet because I want to find some that match the decor better than the photos we had up previously. I will make a post once I find the perfect ones.

Below is the before and after of our room. Just rearranging your furniture can give your room a whole new feel. We wanted to create more space and a more open feel in our room as well and just by changing the colors in our room and moving the bed and things around made it feel like our master bedroom was so much larger than it really is. Just by going from dark furniture to a white and silver theme with pops of color gave it a larger, more bright and clean flow. If you’d like a more in depth post of how I saved $1500 while still buying basically all new bedroom furniture than please leave a comment and I will definitely get that post up for you because I love helping others save money while still being able to decorate, have amazing decor and live comfortably. 






Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and please don’t forget to sign up with your email so you don’t miss any of my blog posts. I hope you all have a beautiful day. 

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Foodcation Vlog

Hi loves! It’s been awhile but I’m back and hoping I can make my blog better than ever. Click the link below the photo to check out my YouTube video of my weekly Vlog with some clips of us off in New York on a mini Foodcation. Hope you enjoy.  
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NYC Bound: Foodcation

What’s in My Hospital Bag


Hi loves so here is what I will be taking to the hospital. I may have a few more items than needed but I like to be prepared, lol. I’m the just incase girl hahahaha. Anyway my hospital pretty much provides all that we will need while we are there so I just grabbed some things to make out stay more comfortable. Not sure how long we will be there because I usually deliver early so I packed enough to be sure this time.

I added a list of everything I packed below so you can get an idea of what to bring if you weren’t quite sure yourself. When you go on your hospital tour most of the time they will provide you with a list of what to bring and what not to bring.


Hospital Bag Check List



Birth Plan
Emergency Contact and insurance info

Large Items:


Kevin and I’s Bag:


2 nursing bras
A nursing gown
2 comfy tops
3 pairs of underwear for me
3 boxers for hubby
2 changes of clothes for each of us (our going home outfits included)
Comfy socks and slippers



Makeup bag
Bath sponges
Hair Brush
Hair ties
Body wash
Body spray
Nipple shields
6 Maxi pads


Small Snacks and cliff bars
Change for vending machines


Last Minute Items Not in bag:

Body pillow
Nursing pillow
Laptop and charger
iPad and charger
Phones and chargers
Camera and charger
Well ladies that’s it for this blog. I hope this was helpful for you and if I forgot anything or you questions please feel free to comment below.



Watch the Video Here


I wish you all safe, happy and healthy deliveries.

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What’s in Lilli’s Diaper Bag (Newborn)

So it’s been a few years since I’ve had to pack an actual diaper bag.  It’s odd that even when you have more than one child it always feels a bit like the first time when you have to pack a diaper bag again lol. Preparing Lilli’s diaper bag made me realize just how much a newborn needs even for a trip to the store, lol. Here’s what I packed while trying to keep from packing her whole room, lmao.

The diaper bag I choose for Lilli is the Hello Kitty diaper bag from Walmart.



Get It Here

What’s in Lilliana’s Diaper Bag:
photo 2

photo 3

2 Burp cloths
Swaddle blanket
Nursing cover
2 onesies
2 bibs
Going home outfit (hospital)
6 Diapers
2 Bottles
2 Pacifiers
Headbands, socks, hand mittens
Travel First Aid Kit
Mommy hook
Changing pad (most bags come with one)
Grooming kit
Nose suction
Breasts pads, period pads (for myself for emergencies)

The zipper pouches you can get in the makeup or travel section of Walmart or Target. I find sorting things out in the pouches helps with mess and digging all through the bag looking for things.

I pretty much packed her diaper bag for when we actually go somewhere just because I know the hospital will provide everything we need while we are there. So this is really what I will be taking on a daily basis or when we go out.

I hope this is helpful for anyone who was confused on what to bring and it’s been so long, If I’ve left anything out please feel free to let me know, lol. What are you carrying in your baby’s diaper bag?

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Pregnancy Vlog Weeks 30-32



Hi lovelies it’s been a crazy few months for us with getting everything ready for the baby. Of course everything has to go wrong all at the same time or one after the other. But anyway here is my pregnancy vlog video for those who aren’t subscribed to my youtube channel. Hope you loves enjoy and I will have a new post up shortly.


Pregnancy Vlog Weeks 30-32


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Fixie Girl


I love my fixie. Since I’ve gotten it I ride it everyday. So when I found the company Gear Fixie it was a given that I would buy a shirt lol. They are affordable and comfortable shirts.


This Fixie shoot was fun. Just a little mini shoot to show off the new shirt and my bike with the new rim color on it.


My bike was a gift and was built by Tour Vintage. I love it. It’s tailored for me and my comfort zone. I can feel myself building strength when I ride it. I love the colors, the design, just everything about it. I highly suggest buying one of your own. They are amazing.


Shirt | Shorts Ross | Socks Walmart | Sneakers Adidas | Fixie Tour Vintage

I hope you loves are having a beautiful week. I have a lot more things coming in the near future for the blog that I am really excited about.

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Hair/Makeup Portfolio Shoot

Hello everyone. So I figured I would show you guys what I was up to this weekend. I did a portfolio shoot with my bestie and beauty partner Kryssie.

So much went into this shoot, this was our first portfolio shoot in over a year and my first time getting back into the groove of things lol. We advertised, cast the models, picked the themes, picked the photographers, set everything up, etc.

It’s so much work that goes into a photoshoot that no one thinks of. Behind the scenes people usually are the ones that get everything together and set everything in motion. We had no other help other than the photographers that took the pictures. We set up everything ourselves.

Behind the scenes


The hairstylist and makeup artist usually are standing the entire time. We were standing for 9 hours yesterday and it was crazy lol. But we had so much fun.

I will have pictures of the ladies and the photographers information in my next post. The photos are being edited right now. :0)

Hope you all are having a great weekend.

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