My Top 6 Fall/Winter Nail Colors

I figured I would pick 6 fall/Winter nail colors that I was absolutely loving. I hate uneven numbers so naturally I rounded up one. HA! Anyway, I love black, nude and grey. Those are my all time favorites for fall or any season really, so I figured I would pick some of those colors as well as a few others I have been loving on my nails this season.

First we have this red with a touch of black. Both these colors are kind of sheer so if you want true to bottle color I suggest 2 coats of these. Here I only have one coat for each color. It is Wet N Wild polish in I Red A Good Book and Ebony Hates Chris

I’m in love with this matte grey color. The polish dries matte so if you want it shiny I suggest letting it dry fully and then using a shiny top coat because I notice if you paint clear over it to quickly the matte seeps through in some areas. It is SinfulColors polish in My Turn

This color is a little more edgy. It’s very dark but it’s not exactly black it’s more of a purple ink black. This one dries slightly shiny and I added another coat of clear for more shine. This is SinfulColors in Inkwell

Now there had to be a nude color in here of course because I love my nude everything (no pun intended, lol) I have a nude color that’s my all time favorite which is SinfulColors in Vacation Time but I thought I would try a new one to see if I can find a new love. It’s a bit of a nude orange color like an autumn leaf. This one is SinfulColors in Bellini

Then of course the color of the season seems to be a color that was tabu after Labor Day for years but I’ve always wondered why because it’s so awesome when done right, lol. That color is of course white and these nails are White Hot! This is SinfulColors in Snow Me White.

Finally this is a color that’s all over in fall. Whether it’s in the leaves or an outfit. Gold is like a staple in my wardrobe now for fall. Plus it looks great with tan skin. So this color was a really pretty gold I picked up. It’s SinfulColors in Gold Medal.

Well ladies those are my top 6 nail colors for the fall/winter. Hope you enjoyed this post and try some or all of the colors. There are a lot of sales going on in Walgreens and CVS on makeup and nail polish so now is the perfect time to grab some new colors. (Any excuse to shop right ladies, lol)

Always Remember You’re Beautiful!


Lilac Dreams


I love this color and with fall here it’s time to transition into darker colors. But in Florida it’s hard to tell when the seasons change because we have the same weather all the time it seems. Rainy, hot or all the above lol. So I decided to put this color on my nails because the weather seemed to permit it lol.

Verity Polish in Lilac Cream


This polish goes on smooth and is true to the color in the bottle. I have no base coat, 2 coats of polish and 1 coat of top coat on my nails.

I have really only seen this polish in nail salons but you can find them online or eBay as well and possibly in beauty supply stores.

Well I hope you beauties are having an awesome Friday.

Always Remember You’re Beautiful!


Taxi Cab Yellow


I have a habit of buying nail polish, throwing it in my purse and forgetting I have it for weeks and then when I get my nails done I go in my bag like oh here’s that polish I bought let’s try this one lol. Yes I’m the girl that brings her own polish to the nail salon lol. Mostly because I have so many casualties with painting my own nails at home. Head itches, kids calling, dog jumping, etc. so usually I leave the nail painting alone until I get quiet nail salon time lol.

I bought this polish from Walmart awhile back and just figured I would try it out. It’s a bright yellow. Basically taxi cab yellow lol. Perfect for summer, especially if you have a tan. It looks really pretty and bright in the sunlight but it’s not neon so if your not really into neon polish but like bright polish colors this ones for you.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish in Butter-Fly Stroke (retails for about $4)



When I first swatched it on paper (I tend to do that sometimes) I didn’t like it but then I painted my toes with it and loved it. It’s a very thick, fast drying formula so you need to be quick and precise when painting your nails to avoid streaking or clumping. It has a wide brush which I like because it covers a good amount of nail depending on how wide your nail beds are. But all in all I love the polish and formula and fast drying is always a plus for me. ;0)


So here’s a great summer color for you, what are some of your favorite polish colors this summer? I hope you enjoy your Wednesday.

Always Remember Your Beautiful!


Neon Nails

Hello Dolls,

So to kick start my new site name and all I figured why not start off with something that I love…. Nails :0)

The color of the yellow polish is actually a really pretty color both in the bottle and on the nail. If its painted nice and neat with a white polish underneath to bring out the neon color.

The pink which actually comes off orange in the picture I don’t know why. But it’s a neon pink color and is really pretty for the Summer.

Rosy Nail Polish in Playmate and KS Nail Polish in Neon Pink


The KS brand polish I have used before and I like the colors I have tried. The Rosy polish I’ve never tried but I also feel like I wasn’t feeling this polish as much because of the crappy job I feel the nail tech did on my nails. She painted the white polish on streaky which showed through the yellow and didn’t wait for the polish to dry well enough before painting a clear coat which left slight pink streaks on the yellow nails.

While I would suggest trying the colors out for yourself I would say be very careful and make sure you let the polish dry before painting a clear coat over it. Needless to say I wasn’t impressed by the mannerisms or polish job from the salon so I will not be returning. Well, that’s all for now dolls.

Always Remember Your Beautiful!


Bright Spring Nails

I love getting my nails done. Clearly by my Instagram you can see I paint them often lol. I feel like a good nail color with clean and kept nails can start a conversion or brighten your day when someone stops you and says oh wow I love that color. So here are 2 colors I have just recently painted my nails.

My current color of choice:
Salon Perfect in Lavender Fields


Last weeks color was
Opi in No Room For The Blues

Both polishes are 2 coats with a clear top coat but no base coat. Very pigmented and beautifully bright especially in the sun.

Hope your having an awesome Monday and always remember your beautiful.


Neutral Office Ready

Here are 2 nail colors that I have recently tried. Both from Wet n Wild and both inexpensive.

They are perfect neutral office colors and they go with everything.

Here is Wet n Wild Megalast in 2% Milk


Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Hallucinate


The Megalast collection is $1.99 and the Wild Shine collection is .99 cents.

Hope you try them out. Let me know what you think :0)

Always remember your beautiful.


Easter Egg Colors

So in love with my nails right now. If your in the Orlando, FL area go see my nail tech you can find her on Instagram @tiffani_msnailangel

I got brighter colors for Easter and since its spring time I figured I would brighten things up. I usually get nude or black or a more neutral color on my nails but lately I’ve been going brighter. This time I thought why not be bright, lol. I hope everyone has a great Easter.

Always remember you’re beautiful.

-Lola ;0)