Is It Everything You Wanted?

Is it everything you wanted? Was it all they said it would be? When you left and went the other way, was it all it was cracked up to be. Did the lights shine through the window. Was there Angels at your door? Did it open up the flood gates of your heart just once more? 
Have you ever thought about leaving? Have you ever heard my name? Has it ever stopped you in your tracks and made you think of me. When you go to sleep at night do I ever cross your mind. Cause I’m telling you this once, you’ve never left mine. 
I always sit and think sometimes why did we choose this path. If we just fought a little harder would we be each other’s last. We were young and tainted lovers. Listening to everyone but us. We couldn’t face the facts that each other was enough. So we’re sitting here beside them wondering how it could be. If just one of us had fought enough, this heartbreak would never be. 
Im not telling you this to hurt you or to make you cry for me. I’m just saying what’s been on my mind and I’m sure it’s not just me. You can’t tell me you don’t feel it. You don’t think it, you don’t know. How it feels to look back and wonder just what went wrong. If God was ever on our side right now id just want him to say, that one day this pain will go away and we will both be ok. 
Is it everything you wanted? Was it all they said it would be? When you left and went the other way, was it all it was cracked up to be. Did the lights shine through the window. Was there Angels at your door? Did it open up the flood gates of your heart just once more? 
Always Remember You’re Beautiful!

Stripes and Jean

Hi loves, it’s been so long since my fashion posts I know, lol. But I’m finally back on track and able to blog again and it feels amazing. What better way to start blogging again than to begin with an easy yet stylish outfit. 

I love everything about this maxi/tunic striped dress. It’s flowy, fun and easy. Any body type can wear it and you can dress it up or down anyway you choose. I love the fact that when I’m having a bloat day (we all have them ladies, lol) <_> this dress will still make me feel pulled together and stylish without being to tight or constricting. 
It’s a fun, girly outfit while the slits in the sides add a little sexy added into it and I love it. Now that I’m back, I am so excited and can’t wait for new adventures on the blog to begin. I hope you all have a wonderful week and happy Monday as we sadly treck back into work with a Halloween candy hangover from the weekend, lol

  • Jean Jacket-Dresslink
  • Striped maxi/tunic-Dresslink
  • Nude sandals-Traffic Shoes
  • Watch-Space Grey Apple Watch Sport

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My Fitness Journey 

So I started working out. Oh boy here we go. Yeah, me working out ha ha that’s a laugh. I haven’t worked out like for real for real worked out in I don’t know how long. Last I can remember I was a cheerleader so there you go, I’m almost 30 now LOL. (I cheered in middle school and 9th grade. (😂😭😑) so anyway I’m on this work and I’m just really been trying to stick to it. I’m not trying to have the typical mom body (no offense to anyone) or be super out of shape or not be able to walk to my mailbox without panting and gasping for air.
Not saying that everyone should go on some crazy work spree, I’m just saying for me I needed to work out. I’m just tired of picking up clothes and not being able to fit them or looking at that cute dress and saying I wish I didn’t have a gut. I want to be proud of my body I want to be able to look in the mirror and say good job. 
Aside from that, I’m just really tired of the same question everyone always asks “OMG are you pregnant?” In which I have to turn and respond with “Nope my last baby is now 10 months old, lmao. But fitness wasn’t my only issue. I needed to quit smoking and start eating right. It also probably doesn’t help that I can wake up at 1am craving candy and eat the nerds in my nightstand drawer. 😑😑
I have also had some health scares and it helps to be healthy to combat those and help your body recover. I want to be there for my kids and I want them to outlive me. I can’t do that being a lazy couch potato. Now it’s not all me just being a bum. A huge part of it was dealing with postpartum and then depression and a lot of stress with school and bills piling up and life. That can take a toll. But it helps to be healthy so you can at least tackle things with a clean and clear mind. 
Well I’m currently about to end week two of my workout and quitting smoking journey. I’ve had success with almost being completely smoke free and with completing two weeks in the gym and when I couldn’t get to the gym I worked out at home. 
So here goes nothing. I’m starting my fitness journey. After fighting it for years and putting it off. It’s time to get my act together. So what better way other than seeing progress in the mirror than to document what you’re going through, so you can look back and see what you have overcome. I’m pretty sure this is going to be a crazy but hilarious journey to follow. 
Feel free to enjoy my struggles, pain and success with me, lol. 
Always Remember You’re Beautiful!


Breastfeeding Shame


Ok so you know how in the magazines they have the beautiful pictures of the mother calmly and lovingly looking down at their baby while breastfeeding? They have a smile on thier face and they seem to be effortlessly feeding and bonding with the infant. Well let me just say that if breastfeeding was that easy everyone would do it.

But it’s not. It’s hard. It gets easier and yes it’s natural and your body knows what to do but it’s not just something you wake up and know what to do. Even if you’ve had more than one child it can be harder with one child then it was with the other. I have friends who say they couldn’t breastfeed at all, while some say it was easy and others say they dried up within a short few months despite breastfeeding exclusively the whole time. The issue I have with some is that they try and shame other women or make them feel bad for not being able to breastfeed of having to supplement with formula. As women and mothers we should applaud and encourage each other every step of the way. Motherhood is hard and not having support is harder.


Let me be the first to say I was one who thought well since it was easy the last time it will totally be easy this time. But um no honey I was wrong lol. With all 3 of my kids breastfeeding was different. My oldest daughter I could only breastfeed for 2 months, my son I breastfed and pumped exclusively with no issues what so ever for 8 months and with my youngest daughter it’s been a challenge every step of the way. I also feel like I had such a successful time breastfeeding with my son because I had so much help and the hospital I had him in was amazing. Whereas it seems I tend to have my daughters in hospitals that aren’t as helpful or attentive at all.

Breastfeeding for me has been rough the first 2 weeks being the worst. There was crying on many occasions from me. Sometimes while feeding her. I was extremely engorged for the first week and a half so much so that even pumping was excruciating and then by the time I worked through the pain and frustration of that my nipples were so sore and battered that it was still very sensitive and somewhat painful a time when breastfeeding.


Now 5 weeks later it’s so much better. The pain is gone for the most part and at times it’s just uncomfortable rather than painful. Pumping has been a challenge and since I’m going back to finish up my cosmetology license I have to pump for someone to feed her whole I’m gone. So I have had to supplement breast milk and formula but she’s transitioned well. I now breast and bottle feed her and she does well with both. When I am with her I rarely bottle feed so we still have that bonding time and so my milk supply stays consistent and continues to come in and when I’m gone I pump for her bottles.

I beat myself up for weeks and even cried because I had to supplement. Because some people and even a doctor told me not to. They made it seem as though I was feeding my child rat poisoning or something. I felt so bad and was made to believe she wouldn’t breastfeed or take my breast anymore because I was bottle feeding and because I was supplementing. Luckily I worked through that and she has proved that she will be fine and takes both breast and bottle very well.


Exclusively breastfeeding and not bottle or supplementing is great for a stay at home mom that doesn’t work or go to school and never goes anywhere without baby. But for moms who work, have school, run businesses, etc. sometimes you need to supplement or bottle feed. It’s life and baby won’t hate you for it or grow up not feeling loved as long as your loving on them and raising them right it will be fine. Your child won’t grow up to be a cereal killer because you didn’t exclusively breastfeed though that’s how some make it out to be lol. We should empower and encourage one another to do what we can as mothers. There is no wrong way to parent as long as the child grows up happy and healthy in my book. So this has been my breastfeeding journey so far.


How was your breastfeeding journey? Was it smooth sailing or did you have issues? Talk to you soon dolls.


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What’s in My Hospital Bag


Hi loves so here is what I will be taking to the hospital. I may have a few more items than needed but I like to be prepared, lol. I’m the just incase girl hahahaha. Anyway my hospital pretty much provides all that we will need while we are there so I just grabbed some things to make out stay more comfortable. Not sure how long we will be there because I usually deliver early so I packed enough to be sure this time.

I added a list of everything I packed below so you can get an idea of what to bring if you weren’t quite sure yourself. When you go on your hospital tour most of the time they will provide you with a list of what to bring and what not to bring.


Hospital Bag Check List



Birth Plan
Emergency Contact and insurance info

Large Items:


Kevin and I’s Bag:


2 nursing bras
A nursing gown
2 comfy tops
3 pairs of underwear for me
3 boxers for hubby
2 changes of clothes for each of us (our going home outfits included)
Comfy socks and slippers



Makeup bag
Bath sponges
Hair Brush
Hair ties
Body wash
Body spray
Nipple shields
6 Maxi pads


Small Snacks and cliff bars
Change for vending machines


Last Minute Items Not in bag:

Body pillow
Nursing pillow
Laptop and charger
iPad and charger
Phones and chargers
Camera and charger
Well ladies that’s it for this blog. I hope this was helpful for you and if I forgot anything or you questions please feel free to comment below.



Watch the Video Here


I wish you all safe, happy and healthy deliveries.

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What’s in Lilli’s Diaper Bag (Newborn)

So it’s been a few years since I’ve had to pack an actual diaper bag.  It’s odd that even when you have more than one child it always feels a bit like the first time when you have to pack a diaper bag again lol. Preparing Lilli’s diaper bag made me realize just how much a newborn needs even for a trip to the store, lol. Here’s what I packed while trying to keep from packing her whole room, lmao.

The diaper bag I choose for Lilli is the Hello Kitty diaper bag from Walmart.



Get It Here

What’s in Lilliana’s Diaper Bag:
photo 2

photo 3

2 Burp cloths
Swaddle blanket
Nursing cover
2 onesies
2 bibs
Going home outfit (hospital)
6 Diapers
2 Bottles
2 Pacifiers
Headbands, socks, hand mittens
Travel First Aid Kit
Mommy hook
Changing pad (most bags come with one)
Grooming kit
Nose suction
Breasts pads, period pads (for myself for emergencies)

The zipper pouches you can get in the makeup or travel section of Walmart or Target. I find sorting things out in the pouches helps with mess and digging all through the bag looking for things.

I pretty much packed her diaper bag for when we actually go somewhere just because I know the hospital will provide everything we need while we are there. So this is really what I will be taking on a daily basis or when we go out.

I hope this is helpful for anyone who was confused on what to bring and it’s been so long, If I’ve left anything out please feel free to let me know, lol. What are you carrying in your baby’s diaper bag?

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Pregnancy Vlog Weeks 30-32



Hi lovelies it’s been a crazy few months for us with getting everything ready for the baby. Of course everything has to go wrong all at the same time or one after the other. But anyway here is my pregnancy vlog video for those who aren’t subscribed to my youtube channel. Hope you loves enjoy and I will have a new post up shortly.


Pregnancy Vlog Weeks 30-32


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Wet n Wild Lip Swatches and Review



Hi loves, so I picked up a few Wet n Wild lip products the other week at Walgreens and thought I would share some swatches and my impression of them so far.


Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks
Cherry Frost
Blushing Bali
Copper Dust
Mink Brown
Nouveau Pink


These lipstick go on pretty smooth. Most of them are a bit on the shimmery side for me but certain colors like the mink brown color don’t have any shimmer. You can also blend these with another color lipstick or concealer to tone down the shimmer color. They are more of a sheen finish and don’t dry matte at all so if you are a matte lover like me then these lipsticks would not be for you. But if you want to try something new, love shimmer or a shiny lipstick or one that looks great with lipgloss then you will love these.

The lasting power of these isn’t amazing and they do transfer some but for an .89 to .99 cent lipstick it does the job and is actually pretty pigmented as well. I would give these a 4 out of 10 in the all around category. Just because for me I don’t love shimmer and the lasting power is all i would want in a lipstick. But they are great for the price.



Get the lipsticks: HERE



Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick and Megalast Liquid Lip Color Swatches



High-Pitched Wine
Click On My HyperPink
Pink Perfection
Bare It All
Wine Room


These lipsticks and lip colors are actually wonderful for the price. They have lasting power and are soooooo pigmented. The liquid lip colors literally took me forever to wipe these swatches off my arm after they set EVEN though I was using a makeup wipe. Especially the Click on My Hyperpink. Its pigmentation and lasting power is amazing. These are more creamy when you put them on and they dry matte for the most part. The lipsticks are semi matte finish which is nice because its not so drying to the lips.

I have loved these lipsticks for awhile though and I think Wet n Wild did a great job on these lip products. They range about $2-$4 depending on where you buy them and I just love them so much. Bare it all is my absolute favorite nude color from them right now and I would give these lippies a 8 out of 10. I would give them a higher score since I love them so much but I feel the packaging on the lipsticks could be better and less cheap. They have broken in my purse, tops have come off and my lipstick has broken more than once and they weren’t even in the sun. But nevertheless for a $3 lipstick they are just great.

Get the lipsticks: HERE and HERE




So I hope you loves enjoyed this review. I hope it was helpful for you and that you will go out and buy some and try them for yourself. Everyone is different so you might love them way more then I do or hate them. But you never know until you try them out. Right now if you get them from walgreens they are having great BOGO sales as well as points redemption so go shop ladies. Hope your having an awesome holiday weekend.







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Drugstore Makeup Haul


Hey loves so here is a little drugstore makeup haul of the a few things I picked up at Walgreens. They are currently having some great sales on beauty with awesome point redemption rewards so I grabbed some things I was out of and a few new things to try.


– L’oreal True Match Foundation in C7 Nut Brown

– L’oreal Color Riche Collection Privé lipstick in Julianne Pink

– E.L.F HD Blush in Headliner

– Wet n Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner in 861 Black/Noir HERE

– Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection Take On The Day Mattifying Powder in A851 Pedestal

– Wet n Wild eyeshadow single in 250B Sugar HERE

– Wet n Wild eyeshadow single in 255D Panther HERE

– Jordana Easyliner Retractable Pencil in Coffee Bean HERE

– Jordana Best Length Extreme Lengthening Mascara in 303 Black HERE

– Jordana LipShine natural glaze in 03 Raspberry HERE

– Jordana Squeeze n’ Shine Super Shiny Tasty Lip Gloss in 12 Clear HERE

– Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color in 931A High-Pitched Wine HERE

– Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in 902C Bare It All and 914C Mocha-licious HERE

– Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in 506B Mink Brown, 511B Nouveau Pink, 514A Cherry Frost, 529B Copper Dust, 545A Blushing Bali, 549A Java HERE

-Milani Nail Lacquer in 31A Mauve Medley HERE

– Wet n Wild Dual Pencil Sharpener HERE

– Simple Sensitive Skin Experts cleansing facial wipes HERE

– Simple Sensitive Skin Experts oil balancing cleansing wipes HERE

– Olay Complete all day moisture cream with sunscreen (SPF 15) Body HERE or FACEBOOK

– Samy Salon Systems Skyscraper Volumizing Hairspray



Watch the Video


I hope you loves are enjoying the beginning of your week.


Always Remember You’re Beautiful!


DIY Distressed Maternity Shorts


Hello loves, here’s how I got these shorts out of my maternity jeans. Even us preggos wanna look cute for summer lol. So just because we can’t button up the highwasted shorts we wore last year doesn’t mean we have to wait until after baby. Here are the steps I took to go from these:



To these:


Things you will need:

Maternity jeans
Old toothbrush


Let’s get started.

Now you want to put your jeans on and mark about 1 to 2 inches longer than you actually want them to be. Leaves room for error and distressing. Once you get your markings right then you take your jeans off and get them laid flat on a smooth hard surface or floor whichever you choose. Cut a small slit on the side of the pants and then cut just the top layer of jean off first, then cut the bottom half of the pant leg in a more oval shape but cut about an inch longer then you cut the top to give butt cheek room lol.


Once you get both sides cut then you will start pulling at the white strings that are hanging from the cut ends. For this you can use tweezers to make it easier to pull at the strings if that helps you.


I decided to add some extra slits and holes in my jeans for a more distressed worn out feel you don’t have to do this if you don’t want. But this is what it will look like once you get all your strings pulled as much as you want before bleaching. (Please note: My maternity jeans were a more stretchy fabric, for really distressed jean shorts use a more sturdy jean material.) Anyway this is how they will look once you pull all the strings:



Once you get all the distressing done, now it’s time for the bleach. Fill your bucket with a bit of bleach and then add some water to dilute it. Sit your shorts halfway or all the way in the bucket or bowl you will use just depending on how much of the shorts you want bleached. Leave for 45 minutes, take shorts and lay them out flat. Use your old toothbrush to scrub where the bleach line starts so that it gives the shorts a more ombre effect rather than just a harsh bleach line.


Once you have bleached and scrubbed your shorts to get them the way you want. Rinse them out and then wash and dry them. I wouldn’t recommend washing them with things you don’t want to get bleach on just in case you didn’t get to rinse it all out first by hand. Then once the shorts are washed and dried they should be ready to wear. I hope you enjoyed this quick little DIY and you can also watch my video on how to do this on my channel at if your more of a visual learner. I hope you loves are having a wonderful week.


Always Remember You’re Beautiful!