DIY Crate Entertainment Center

Hi loves, so I’m back again with my second home diy project of the series. Next up in this series we built and entertainment center. I briefly mentioned it in my last diy crate foyer table post. For this diy the materials and directions are pretty much the same only for a larger scale project. This was fun because we tried different patterns before we decided on a specific design. We had been looking for an entertainment center that we both loved the design of and that fit the measurements for underneath our tv without having to move or rehang things on the wall. This only took us about a day with the majority of time being waiting for it to fully dry. So if you’re ready to get started keep reading below.

Materials needed:

(10) 18”x12 1/2”x9 1/2” crates $11 each at Home Depot

5/8” brad staples $4.24 at Walmart

Staple gun (already had)

Wood Stain (I choose Kona a dark brown black)

Wood Glue (already had)

2” clamp (already had)

Measuring tape (already had)

Sprayer $10 at Home Depot

Stain rags $5

L brackets about $4

To begin:

Put the crates together to see how you want them organized and put together. It’s good to take a picture if you aren’t following a guide for your design so you don’t forget exactly how you put it together. (As discussed in the last post where we forgot how we first had it, lol.) This time we mocked up a few different ways before we came up with the actual design we liked.

Once your mock up is done, start from the bottom and work your way to the top gluing all the sides together. Like a puzzle basically. For this one the design that we picked it was easier to glue and staple all the four side crates together first and then glue and staple the center pieces last since they connect together in the middle to float. Use the clamp to hold a section in place once you’ve glued it while you staple it down. Continue until all parts are glued and stapled together. Make sure you’re checking to see if all front sides of the crates sit flush before letting glue set or starting to staple everything down. We also decided the 2 floating crates in the middle we would add a board inside them to make 2 shelves for more storage. (Those were stained, glued and stapled in after the whole center was put together and added in later.)

Once the glue has dried or mostly dried (about 30 mins) then you can carefully move it outside or in the garage to start staining. There are a few different ways you can lay the stain. We choose both a brush and spray method again because it was quicker in the last diy as well. The sprayer mainly helped cover a lot of the table and then we brushed it out everywhere on the wood and then wiped it down with the rags. We let it dry over night even though the stain usually dries in about an hour or so depending on how many coats you apply.

Once stain has set and dried you can now place your entertainment center where you want. Now you can put up your gaming systems, movies and etc. We also secured ours to the wall with an L bracket so if anyone bumped it or our 3 yr old went to grab something it didn’t go tumbling over, lol.

Completed Entertainment Center measurements:

49 3/4″ H 48 1/2″ W 9 1/2″ D

I hope you enjoyed this DIY. This one took a little longer mainly waiting for it to dry and because we decided to add shelves but still fun and creative none the less. Don’t forget to follow my Snapchat @lolanicolemua for sneak peeks of other diy projects and tag me on Twitter or Instagram @lolanicoleblogs if you try this DIY as well. I’d love to see how you made this your own if you decide to try it. I Hope you’re loving this series as much as we are and have an amazing day!

Always Remember You’re Beautiful!


Coral Crush Maternity OOTD







I love the color coral. It’s like a bright pinks big sister and it can be worn by pretty much any skin tone. But looks especially beautiful on tan skin with some gold jewelry. (Insert heart eyed emoji, lol). So today’s outfit for my outing with my boys while my daughter was in school and the hospital tour for delivery I thought I would wear this fun color. I paired it with some cute maternity jeans and I took my coral V-neck and added a pretty printed crop top over it and wore it backwards so the zipper detail was in front for an added edgy vibe. I paired it with some plain white sneakers, added a few gold jewelry pieces and my black big drop sunglasses. All in all I loved it and it came together beautifully. I hope your week was an awesome one.

Always Remember You’re Beautiful!


Shorts|Ross Top|Ross Crop Top|Ross Sneakers|Walmart Sunglasses|Retrocitysunglasses

Miscarriage and TTC PT. 2


At our first exam when the doctor tried to use the Doppler to find the heartbeat he heard nothing. A few hmms and huhs later he said either your earlier than we thought or the baby has passed. A terrified feeling set over me that this was happening to us yet again. After we told family members and all. The doctor sent us to the hospital for an ultrasound after what felt like us telling him to do so. However that was an even bigger nightmare. We went in with hopes of getting better news or better explained information but instead we met two more medical professionals who seemed displeased with the career they chose. After the ultrasound and looking over everything. The ultrasound tech got up and walked out. We were sent to another room and a doctor came in and said we couldn’t find a heartbeat. We think the baby may not have survived. It’s measuring way to small for what we were told by your doctor so either he’s wrong or your baby is dead. Yes that’s exactly how he said it. Like he ran out of the last pair of sneakers on the shelf. We left the hospital filled with extreme emotion. Just a bundle of crazy feelings.

My fiancé said no, no that’s not it. We are getting you another doctor. We deserve answers. Your not bleeding, your still slowly gaining weight and eating a lot more (He said sorry honey, but it’s true, lol) and nothing that happened last time is happening now. We will go somewhere else. So we did. I found a new doctor within a week. I got an appointment luckily about 2 weeks after the whole ordeal. Though that 2 weeks was torture we made it through. We went in and I told my new doctor everything. How my doctor and the hospital staff treated me and how they flat out said my baby was most likely dead. We did a vaginal ultrasound and it was determined I was only 8 weeks along by now. Which meant I was only about 4 or 5 weeks along when they were trying to use the Doppler and doing over the tummy ultrasounds just going on what my doctor had told them. That’s why we didn’t hear a heartbeat or see much movement, it wasn’t much to see or hear then. My doctor explained everything. We heard a heartbeat, got an actual due date, measurements, ultrasound pictures and had some tests run just to be sure and went home with peace of mind and comfort. Feeling blessed that our baby was still alive.

Later we found out we were having a boy and we were both so excited. The girls were excited to. All they really understood was I swallowed a baby brother and he would come out sometime soon lol. Their doll clothes were more than ready for dress up, though I had to tell them boys don’t wear dresses and lipstick lol. A lot happened throughout my pregnancy. We had a lot of stressors happen during this time that took a toll on me during my pregnancy. I went to the hospital I believe twice with contractions later in my pregnancy around the late 20s and early 30 weeks but to early for him to come out. I was monitored and sent home. But all in all our son was born August 13, 2004 he was premature like my daughter weighting 5 lbs 2oz born at 35 weeks gestation and I labored for 12 hours. After my son I was told this was a miracle and probably my last child. My body can’t carry kids past 35 weeks and I miscarry which isn’t good either. 4 years and another early miscarriage later I am 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant today.

My advice if your TTC or you feel like your doctors, or whomever just aren’t taking any time to really care for you and work with you I would change them immediately. Don’t stress it to much either. I tweaked my diet and health lifestyle some and we got pregnant. My pregnancies may be early and we may have angel babies along the way but we are blessed to have our babies. I wish you all much love and support in your journeys.

Always Remember You’re Beautiful!


Miscarriage and TTC PT. 1


Hello loves, since this segment is such a long one I have split it into 2 parts to make it easier for reading.

Miscarriage is never easy and neither is TTC actually. I mean obviously the actual act of which needs to be done is fun. But the waiting, the tricks, the tips, the ovulation counts, the wondering, that moment when you thought you were pregnant because you were a few days late but either your count was off or your body is just being evil, the test taking, that dreaded moment when you have to wait those god awful 2 minutes for the test to be complete and it says no, the hopelessness, etc. That part is not fun. Not even in the slightest bit. But we do it and we continue to do it for that moment, that scary, happy, exciting moment when you find out your with child after waiting for so long.

My story is a bit different. I got pregnant and had my first daughter right out of high school. Birth control malfunction and being a naive 18 yr old will do that to you. But nonetheless I had my daughter September 19, 2004. She was 5 lbs when she was born at 35 weeks premature and I labored for 12 hours. I feel looking back that they possibly could have done more to try and stop my labor but didn’t. After an hour of meds and contractions they decided to speed things up, break my water and later deliver.

After my daughter was born. I went to the doctor and after a few tests and a check up I was told I can’t carry my pregnancies to full gestation. One of the causes was possibly a birth control I was using had caused a bad reaction in my body. I had literally bleed for 6 months straight when I started it and when I finally stopped taking it a year later when I realized something was wrong. Also possibly because I had cystic ovaries. I was extremely ill one day and in so much pain. I went to the hospital to find out that one cyst that had gone undetected had burst and it was the worst pain aside from child birth I had ever felt. You can’t stand, you can’t move, you can’t breath, even laying down or being touched hurts. Almost like passing a kidney stone which I have heard is equally painful. I had also had menengitis at a point after having my daughter and almost died because I thought it was the flu so I tried to nurse it at home first before being rushed to the hospital eventually when it just got worse. I was told it would be extremely hard to get pregnant if I could at all because I wasn’t producing eggs normally either. At the time I accepted my fate, thinking well ok I’m not going to get pregnant anytime soon anyway. I’m only 19 working and going to college.

3 years past before I met my now husband. We weren’t trying to jump into having kids anytime soon. We both had a daughter from a past relationship so we thought a small blended family was best for us at that time. We got a new place and new jobs and things were progressing in our lives slowly from there. I told my husband about the possibility not being able to get pregnant. We came to terms with it and didn’t get our hopes up or expect anything to happen. We tried to get pregnant for almost a year but nothing happened. Then later after about 7 months we found out I was pregnant. We didn’t announce it or tell anyone at the time because we wanted to make sure everything was ok. But sure enough before my first Dr. appt I woke up bleeding extremely heavy and knew we were having a miscarriage. It was devastating. As a woman to feel like you can’t carry a child or do the one thing as a young woman you take advantage of and try to avoid at all costs is the worst feeling. You feel like a let down, less of a woman, like your not normal because you can’t do what God made you to do.

After our miscarriage we were certain that getting pregnant was not going to happen. Seeing pregnant women or babies made me sad for awhile but I prayed and focused on our girls and the things going on in our lives and soon things got a bit better. 6 months later shortly after Christmas I was on the phone with my bestie when I had a sudden urge to vomit. I got off the phone a sure enough was sick in the bathroom. I chalked it up to the seafood leftovers I had eaten and continued on with my day. But I just kept feeling ill so my friend urged me to take a test. I had counted and realized I was late and hadn’t even noticed.

When my husband (fiancé at the time) had come home I told him what was happening and that I was late and we went out and I bought 5 tests. Yes 5, I know crazy test lady over here lol. I took them at all different times and they all lit up pregnant immediately. We were scared, happy, excited and terrified all at the same time. We again told no one until we went to the doctor. We made it to the doctor had blood work done and it was confirmed that we were pregnant. We were excited. Shocked that it had happened and that from my calculations at least we were already 3 months along.

That’s the end of pt. 1 loves, I will try and have pt. 2 up tomorrow or by Saturday.

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A Day at the Zoo

So today was zoo day and the kids had a blast. I wore a maxi dress but since mine is the extended length I didn’t realize how long it would be without heels on until I started walking around in it lol. But anywho here’s a few pics of the day with my outfit and jewelry.




Maxi Dress- (extended length)
Jean jacket- Body Central
Sandals- ShoeLand
Bracelets- Charlotte Russe
Watch- Charlotte Russe
Rings- Body Central
LOVE ring- Charlotte Russe

The Downside to Life

OMG I’M STARVING!!! I screamed. Looking in my moms kitchen. There’s nothin to eat. All health crap but not even the good kind. Down to the damn health toast and organic sugar granules. I need to go grocery shopping for myself ASAP. Ever since I made the decision to move back to my moms to save up some money for a house and get another car it’s been like slow torture. Sharing a car with a 19 year old who feels like she knows everything and has no real responsibility just makes me want to tear my hair out. Don’t get me started on her driving. Dear God I need my own car again asap. This isn’t New York so its not like I could just hail a cab or take the train, which I would gladly do if I could. I won’t make it to the age of 28 with this kind of crap going on. Just a cautionary tale to all. When you move out of your moms house, DON’T GO BACK!!


Not being able to separate everything will tear you apart. It’s not fair when someone is so happy but the other is so sad. I’m dying inside. I’m lost. I’m so hurt and so insulted. It’s my fault. I feel like my world is crashing down on me. My walls are closing in and I can’t breathe. I can’t make you happy forever and forget about me. It’s not fair. It’s not fair for you to ask me to. That’s not love. That’s torture. But you’ll never know the damage you’ve caused because you’ll never want to see it. Feel it. Live it. I don’t live right. I don’t love right. I’m selfish. I’m irresponsible. I’m broken. That’s how you feel about me. I’ve done nothing to say those things but try and live the life I want. I was just asking for what I need.