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One Step Closer


So my dream is to work with a fashion magazine. As a columnist or stylist. I’d like to give real girl fashion advice to the everyday consumer. Not just what to wear but why you wear it. Like Bobby Brown says in her book The Power of Style your style is more than just the outfit. But when you look in magazines and everything you see is out of your price range your just like ugh I’ll never fit in. Not everyone can afford the “outfit under $100” they post in the magazine especially because it’s really still well over $100 because they don’t factor in taxes or the shoes or the purse or the makeup or whatever. (Run on sentence much? Lol) but seriously a real fashionista can take $20 go to the thrift store and put together an outfit like she bought the whole thing out of a window display in Macy’s. Obviously you have to advertise and sell clothes to magazine readers but make sure you also include the ones who can buy the $5 magazine but may not be able to afford the $100 bag your pairing with the $80 shoes at the moment. Everyone should have a chance to be in the fashion know and still be able to work it with even just an Andrew Jackson to work with. Theres a little history for ya lol ;0). Anyway so I figured writing this article 8 ways to be stylish on a budget was the perfect idea to share some of my tricks of the fashion trade. It is published on the website www.allwomenstalk.com or download the app and read it on All Women Stalk in the App Store. Enjoy!


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