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How I Clean My Makeup Brushes


So I have been cleaning my makeup brushes with Zote soap for about 8 months now and I love it. You can get Zote from the store in the laundry detergent isle because Zote has so many different uses. But I use it to clean my makeup brushes and it works wonders. It deep cleans and really helps my brushes stay nice. I have heard that if you add just a tad of oil like baby or olive oil or something to your brushes also it is suppose to make your brushes softer. But I haven’t tried that as of yet.

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Zote is a large pink bar of soap that you can crush up or break apart to make a larger amount of soap. However for me I just cut a sliver off and that usually cleans all of my brushes. I have had the same bar of soap for the entire 8 months since I have started using it. The bar is only .97 at Walmart which is even better. I haven’t found anything that was as affordable and still cleaned my brushes as well as Zote has. I have tried other actually more expensive brush washing exclusive soaps, as well as Johnson and Johnson baby soap and none have done as well as Zote has for me. The others have just been a waste of money, lol.

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To wash my brushes I take a brush and wet it throughly and then take a piece of soap and wet it in my other hand and rub the brush on the soap in a circular motion. I continue to do that until the suds turn white and the brush rinses clean. Then I rinse very well squeezing the bristles in my fingers to make sure all the soap is out of the brush. If you don’t rinse throughly it will leave a sticky residue on the brushes. Then I just repeat those steps until all the brushes are clean.

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I washed a few of my most used brushes so that I could show how I washed them. I also have a video up on youtube so you can see exactly what I do. My routine is super easy but all brush washing takes forever as all of us makeup girls know, lol. It took about 20 minutes to deep clean all the brushes I washed here but I hadn’t washed them in forever. (Bad I know, *sad face*). But they always come out looking new and better than they did before I washed them.

So overall I am loving using Zote as my go to makeup brush cleaner. It has worked wonderfully and I don’t see any issues with my brushes or the bristles feeling weird or hard or anything like that. So you should defiantly give it a try and let me know what you think. Comment below if you have ever tried it out.

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I hope you are having a beautiful Friday and that your ready for the weekend. I know I am, lol.

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  1. Jill
    February 14, 2015 / 4:43 am

    i LoVe zote!! When I use it for my brushes, I cut a little piece to cover the bottom of a Tupperware bowl. I use a very small bowl, about a half cup size. I add just enough water to cover the soap. Then I wet my brushes, and swirl them on the on the soap until they are good and frothy. You can tell it works bc the suds start becoming very dirty! I then swirlbmy brush in a clean cup of water, and go back to the bowl wih the zote. I repeat both steps a couple times until my brushes are clean as new. When done, I run my brush under hot water(to make sure all the residue is completely gone) and then hang them to dry, or sometimes Lay them on a towel with one end rolled up to keep water out of the ferrule. I then pour the dirty water off of the soap out of the bowl. I refill/rinse the bowl and soap a few times to make sure the soap is all clean again, and then let air out for a bit. When done, I pop the lid on the bowl and set it aside until ready to use again 🙂 it’s so quick, and a little inch or so square of soap last forever!!!

    • February 14, 2015 / 5:57 am

      Yeah I love how there is more than one way to use it and how awesome it works for only a dollar a giant bar, lol.

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