Easy Travel Packing Tips for Moms

Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile, if you’re traveling with kids it can be a slippery slope. I’ve traveled with my kids at all ages so I learned a few tricks along the way, lol. First, I have a packing list just for the travel ahead, that doesn’t include whatever suitcases we’re packing. Second, yes having separate lists is both helpful and necessary for me. This is just for the traveling part to keep everyone happy.


ELECTRONICS: tablets, cameras, chargers, memory cards, portable charging banks, headphones.

CLOTHING: Since I use a diaper bag backpack it makes packing for my younger ones easier. I pack the regular daily items and then just add a few extra diapers and an extra change of clothes in case of accidents or spills.

TOILETRIES: First aid kit, I always pack our toothbrushes and travel toothpaste, hairbrushes, lotion, travel hair, and body wash because if we’re stopping somewhere overnight I don’t want to have to unpack our entire suitcases or if God forbid something happens to my luggage I still have the essentials.

STROLLER: A travel stroller is great if you aren’t trying to lug a full size or double stroller with you. For us, it really just depends on the trip, how long we will be gone and where we’re going that determines which stroller option I bring, especially since I also babywear.

SNACKS: Fruit snacks and fruit pouches are the best for my younger ones, they always think they’re getting candy so it works for me and Lilli calls the fruit pouches her smoothies so whatever works, lol. Then I also bring chips, cookies or crackers with us. If we’re flying I will bring gummy bears because they’re a bit chewier for take-off and landing to avoid ear popping because I don’t give the younger one’s gum because they always swallow it or get it stuck somewhere. When one of my little nuggets is nursing I will just nurse them for take off and landing and that works out best.

TRAVEL ACTIVITIES: You’ll want to have some other activities to give the kids aside from the basic tablets. I don’t like for them to be extreme zombies so I try and find other activities for them to do so they aren’t just constantly having screen time. An activity set that has colored pencils, crayons (I’m not a fan of traveling with markers for obvious reasons, lol) coloring and activity books, word searches, card games, etc. I try and use 2 activities aside from tablets on the way there and heading home so they have different things to do each way.

I don’t pull everything out on the way there. I don’t want them to get burned out on certain activities and eat up all the snacks so that there is nothing for the trip back so I try and pace myself and only introduce something new if I notice my little one is getting fussy or bored with whatever activity they currently have. I hope this was a helpful post on what to pack when traveling with younger kids.

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