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Quick Family Dinner Ideas

Week 9/9/2019

Hi babes, so with me transitioning back into working from home, I have been able to take a little more time and try new things. With the help of Walmart grocery pickup, I can pick out my meals for the week, make my grocery list, order and pickup. I do this once a week (usually Sunday) so that I am prepared with dinner for the whole week. Takes the guesswork out of that time old question “What’s for dinner?” So I decided something so helpful for me may be helpful to another mom. I’m going to start posting weekly meal ideas. A majority of my dinners are quick but flavorful. I enjoy cooking sheet meals or in my crockpot. With the meals I choose, they take 50 mins or less for sheet pan meals and 4-6 hours for crockpot meals (which are great because your whole dinner is cooked and you just come home and serve) and that’s in completion from prep to serve time. So you can still work, mom, live your life, etc. The hubby loves to cook on the grill so that’s where we work well with each other because where I don’t like to cook he does and Vise Versa. So let’s get into some meal prepping for the week. 🙂

*Sheet Pan Chicken, Gnocchi and Broccoli
*Sheet Pan Chicken, Sweet Potatoes and Veggies
*Slow Cooker Chicken and Gnocchi
*Crispy Chicken Tenders and Broccoli
*Chicken and Shrimp Fajita Bowls

THE MEATS (can also be swapped for tofu):
6 lbs of Chicken Breasts or Thighs
1 lb of Chicken Tenderloins
3 lbs of cleaned/peeled/deveined fresh raw Medium to large Shrimp

2 lbs of Broccoli
2 Medium Yellow Onions
1 Medium Red Onion
2 Lemons
Fresh Spinach Leaves
2 16oz packages of Gnocchi Pasta
Success White Rice
3 lbs bag of Russet Potatoes

Sheet Pans (2)
Oven Mits
Aluminum Foil
Serving Spoons
Mixing Spoons
Mixing Bowls (4)
Measuring cups and spoons

Leave me some recipes that you love too. I’d love to feature them in Lola’s Kitchen. Every recipe I post, my family and I try first. Whether it’s a family recipe or a Pinterest find, I make sure that my meals are delicious, quick and family-friendly. As you notice, I do a lot of things to taste, so the ones with measurings are just recipes I feel that the measurements are just enough seasoning. I hope this helps you in your busy life, whether you’re a mom, a student, a newlywed or a busy couple just looking to have better dinners, save a little money and spend a little more time together. I can’t wait to meet you back here next week for our weekly grocery list.:)

Always Remember You’re Beautiful!


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